Elizabeth’s Birthday Celebration!

November 10, this year, is my 52nd birthday and I would like to ask all of you to share it with me. I have donated $500 to the SCCR dogs as a birthday present to myself because who needs more stuff? If you would like to help me celebrate my birthday, please send a check in any amount to SCCR, 1168 Palomino Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (be sure to put “For Elizabeth’s Birthday” on it) or click the link below. My goal is to have a big fat check ready for our next big surgery. Now that is the perfect birthday present for me!

All donations will go to our vet bills for the cockers. Cockers like Diezel who lost an eye at 12 weeks when he got in the middle of some rough play with older dogs. He is all better now and still as handsome as always.


-Elizabeth Mazzetti,
President and Founder
Second Chance Cocker Rescue

Make a Donation for Elizabeth’s Birthday

Total to date $2560

Many, many thanks to you all,

John Crow * Kim Quadros * James & Lynda Geidl and “The Furkids” * Marianne England * Phi Luong * Stephanie Kashevaroff * Kate Silsbury * Donna Sarasin * Diane Tracey * Steve & Debbie Weyrauch * Sharilyn Cabelera * Kathy Bushnell * Rebecca Ivie * Albert Winn * Judith Goodbody * Ronald Freeman * Yuehling Chiu * Amy Canzano * Mary Levesque * Carolyn Schneider * Aruna Fazel * Ron & Mary Fitzgerald * Joann Reagan * Cybel Maio * Elizabeth Pearse * Alison Schaumburg * Lori Mathis * Joanne Horton * Sherrie and Fred Johansen

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