King Charles Mix Puppies? We Will Take Them!

We were very surprised to find these two adorable King Charles/Cocker mix puppies on the kill list at one of our shelters. We jumped right on it and sent a volunteer down as quick as we could to rescue them. It turns out that they both have cherry eye which requires surgery and because of the cost no one was willing to adopt them. Well, you know what we said, “We will take them!” Oops, now we need a foster. We usually wait until we have an open foster lined up but these two were running out of time so we jumped in with both feet. Wouldn’t you?

Now they will be scheduled for a vet check and surgery then we can send them home. Any takers? We  have named them Ren and Stimpy. We will need to raise $500 each for their surgeries. If you would like to help these two characters they would be very grateful!


Donation for Ren and Stimpy

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