The Lancaster 4


We heard that there were four Cockers all between the ages of 1 to 3 years old that were due to be killed in less that 12 hours at the Lancaster Shelter. Ann Summers from Cocker Connection asked if we would help her rescue all of them. Wow, four at once? Of course, we said yes. Ann got up at the crack of dawn so she could be at the shelter when it opened. She was calling on the way there trying to find someone to make sure they would all still be alive when she got there. She got through, made it there and after hours of paperwork and standing in line she loaded up four very traumatized dogs. One was in excruciating pain from an infection in the uterus. Another had been attacked by other dogs and was wounded. Her story is below.


We found fosters for two of them but Willow still needs a place to stay. She is so very sweet and docile–very traumatized at the shelter after being attacked by one or more of the other 4 dogs in her kennel. She had several fresh bite wounds and some that were apparently older, and she had a large wound on her right thigh, She was probably also victimized by dogs at her former home since there was evidence of older wounds. She has a pretty coat with soft, silky, golden buff hair and a long tail. Her eyes are bright and pretty.


Willow and Gidget are very petite, probably about 18-20 pounds. They love to cuddle and be held. Willow loves snuggling in blankets. She is a very gentle little girl, but she is scared of other doggies. Willow did fine with Sandy, but the others were too much for her, and she went to hide under a chair in the vet’s office so they couldn’t get to her.  The willow bends and is a gentle tree, but it is the one that withstands the strong storms. She is a survivor. Can you help us and foster Willow?


Donations for Willow and The Lancaster 4

We will update their pictures as soon as we have new ones. They were so very stressed out and bedraggled and it was so hectic that we didn’t even try to get new ones.

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