Mother and Daughter Say Good Bye to Each Other and Hello to Their New Families


Samantha and Diane were a mother, daughter pair that came in from the LA shelter. They were very sweet but became hysterical when they were introduced to another dog.  We decided to split them up and see if their behavior changed any. It was exactly what they needed. Samantha, the 1 year old daughter caught the eye of Teya, a Santa Barbara woman who had adopted Marlow from us six years ago. Marlow was now 8 years old and wanted a little sister. We brought Samantha over to meet him no sure what to expect. After a gulp of surprise she decided he was pretty ok and Marlow was in love.  We were also a little concerned about her eyesight. She seemed to have a depth perception problem. When she had her vet exam we were surprised to learn she was blind in one eye and partially blind in the other eye. We had no idea. We will be taking her to the eye specialist and we will let you know what she says. We hope we can restore as much of her sight as possible, but in the mean time Marlow has taken her under his wing and protects her from anything she is fearful of.He is a marvolous big brother and exactly what she needed.


In the mean time Diane, the moma, was fostered with a sweet, self-confident Cocker named Dresden. She very quickly became bonded to him, making us certain she would do well in any new home. She ended up being adopted by a wonderful couple from Madera. They plan on getting her a buddy as soon as we can find her the right match.

A big thanks to Sue from Cocker Connection who helped us rescue these two girls.

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