New Best Friends!

Rico and Suave

Rico and Suave are two absolutely adorable 6-9 month old buff puppies. We do not get puppies in very often and it is always fun when we do. These two were a hoot. They were silly, sassy, sweet and all boy. Well it didn’t take long to find them wonderful homes. Both puppies were adopted this week. Suave went home Monday with Magnus, a 6 yr old cocker and Gil, a single gentleman, who is a long time cocker owner. He reports that both dogs are settling in well and he loves the puppy energy in the house. Rico went home on Wed to a family with a 7 year old boy named Zach. Zach and Rico (now Jack) were best friends from the second they lied eyes on each other. They rough house, play tag and keep away until they are exhausted then they rest and are up and at again. They are in heaven!

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