Found Abandoned in Empty Home After Five Days

Winston All Cleaned Up

Winston was found last month in LA County abandoned in the backyard of a house that had just sold. The buyers started to moved in when they found him hiding in the back yard. He was a mess. His family left him alone with a bag of dog food, torn open so at least he had something to eat. Being a Cocker, he had eaten way too much of course. We got him cleaned up, checked by a vet and then introduced him to Melanie and her family from Toluca Lake. It was love at first sight. Winston has found his truly forever home.

Spring Fundraiser–Double the Drawings, Double the Prizes

Our spring raffle was so successful last year that we are going to do it again this year. Tickets are $2 a piece or 12 tickets for $20. The prizes are:

$500 first prize      $250 second prize      $250 third prize

 We will be holding two drawings this year, one at the Sacramento Picnic on June 11 and one at the Santa Barbara Picnic on July 9.

Mr. Marvin

Every donation made in in honor of Mr. Marvin from Sacramento will enter you in the Sacramento drawing. Mr. Marvin came from the Tehama County Animal Shelter. He was found abandoned with another dog in a backyard.   They don’t know how long they were there, but Mr. Marvin was curled up next to his dog pal who had already died.  Mr. Marvin was emaciated, had cherry eye in both eyes and needed to be neutered.  He probably has never known the comfort of a lap or dog bed or kindness from people, but he is a true survivor and a sweet, loving, gentle soul. He is now in a trial adoption with a new family. Keep your fingers crossed!  Donate in Honor of Mr. Marvin.


Every donation made in honor of Sammy will enter you in the Santa Barbara drawing. Sammy had been wandering the streets of Lancaster for weeks trying to survive on his own. He was skittish, scared and starving. A local rescuer, Debbie, managed to catch him and brought him to us in Santa Barbara. His teeth were a mess and after a teeth cleaning where he had to have 22 teeth removed, he is so much happier. He is now a pampered, sweet,  loving little boy waiting for his permanent home in foster home where he gots tons of love and two square meals a day. Life is good! Donate in Honor of Sammy.

For every $20 donation, you will be entered 12 times and once for every $2 donation.  If you would like to help us sell tickets contact Elizabeth at

All proceeds of this raffle will go to pay off the medical expenses for Mr. Marvin, Sammy and our other Cockers.

Annual Cocker Reunion Picnic—You are invited!

Join us in celebrating all of the Cockers we have rescued, the families that have taken them into their hearts and homes, and the volunteers whose dedication and commitment make it all possible at our Cocker Reunion Picnic. We hope that all of our Cocker Spaniel alumni and their families will be able to join us. Dog lovers and everyone who loves happy endings are invited, as well.

We will be serving a BBQ chicken lunch with a vegetarian option for a $15 donation. We will have raffles, great food, vendors . . .

The Sacramento picnic is on June 11 at Tahoe Park, cross streets are 10th and 60th Streets, Sacramento, CA. RSVP before June 1 to

The Santa Barbara picnic is on July 9 at Toro Canyon Park, Area 2, Carpinteria, CA. RSVP before July 3 to

We hope to see all of you there!

Two Old Gals Just Loving Each Other

Bella’s Story, by Anne


Last year (2010), I lost my 15-year-old Cocker Megan. I felt my life no longer had purpose, my son grown and living out of state.

In December, I found Bella! Bella is a special girl coming from a local Cocker Spaniel rescue. Bella is 12 years old and fills my days with smiles and joy. We live in a senior apartment complex where my neighbors all know her and always are met with a wiggle. Bella is totally deaf, but she knows my every move. When I go to take a nap or to bed at night, within a few minutes she moves to my bedside. She’s close to me all the time, she is with me at all time.

PURPOSE– is what she gives me, to take care of a senior dog. Not knowing what her life was like or why she was given up, make her that much more deserving of a permanent home with ME.

Two old gals just loving each other, me and my Bella.

Bad Breath, Sweet Disposition

Little Chance is not exactly all Cocker, he is not even all spaniel, but he is darn cute! Chance is a sweet, gentle soul who will be the perfect family dog once we get his teeth cleaned. His breath will knock you over. His teeth are so bad, he might not have too many left when they are done, but he will feel so much better. He is only 5-6 years old, but it looks like no one has taken care of his teeth his whole life. He is going to have a huge bill. If you would like to make a donation to help pay Chance’s bills, please go to DONATE.

Chance was adopted by a wonderful woman in Incline Village. He now gets to run  on the beach at Lake Tahoe everyday . . . Lucky boy!

Lost Home, Bags Packed, No Where to Go

We got in a new sweet senior today, Opie. He is looking for a new home because his dad is too elderly to take care of him. At 9 years old, he is a sweet older man who still enjoys his daily 2-mile walk and loves his people. He does have a few old man quirks…he gets grumpy if he is disturbed when he is sleeping and needs someone who is home a lot. Except for a twice-daily thyroid pill, he is very healthy. Opie is looking for a foster home while he looks for his permanent home.  Anyone out there willing to take this boy in? His bag is all packed and he is ready to go.

Happy Boy
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