SBF Looking For Love

Abi was a cocker who came in with a sad story but we promised her a happy ending. First Abi, lost her dad to old age. She was lucky his son took her in and offered her a home. She settled in and became best friends with her new doggie brother and life was good again, until fate struck and her new dad passed away leaving her homeless once again.  Now Abi is looking for a new family  and we are going to find her the perfect one!

Abi is a sweet black girl with tons of love. She enjoys going on walks and curling up next to her special someone in a chair or sofa. She gets along well with other dogs and would enjoy a yard. Are you special enough for Abi?

Update 2/22/12
Yippee! Yipee! Yea! Yea!  Abi has a new home.  She is now the latest in the flock of our frequent adopters Mike and Becky.  They have three other Cockers, all needing special care.  Ya gotta give them credit for having big hearts.   Malcolm, Abi’s former owner, had a tough time giving her up but knew that, because of his time restrains, it was the very best thing for her.

6 Comments on “SBF Looking For Love

  1. What a sad story, that poor family, the dog really deserves a good home. How old is she?

  2. please help me out here, Abi is black, what dog is the reddish one? Is that your dog EB.?

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