Molly and Patrick

Patrick and Molly

    One of our volunteers, Amy was asked by her Veterinarian if she would please contact another client who owned a cocker spaniel, as he was  battling  brain cancer and his primary concern was for his beloved dog and faithful companion.  Amy met with Patrick and Molly, who was a absolute love and called us to ask if she could please work with Molly and her Owner until the time came that he could no longer care for her and if she could please foster her while Molly was placed into rescue with us.  Of course, we said yes.

    Molly stayed with Amy in foster during Patrick’s brain surgeries, returning her to her Patrick when he was able.  In August Patrick underwent yet another major brain surgery, unfortunately he did not bounce back as quickly as before.  Amy would take Molly over about once a week for a visit.  Patrick realized that it was time for us to find her a forever home as  he knew he could no longer care for her in the way she deserved..  His wish for Molly was that she go to a forever home that was loving, would treat her very well, take her for walks, play with her. Molly was posted on our website and we immediately started getting responses. We felt that Tom and Laura from San Diego were an excellent choice for Molly.  They were looking for two dogs so Molly would have a sibling.   They picked out two possibles for Molly and let Molly pick the one she wanted. Cooper, a one year old boy was her choice and off they went to their new forever home in San Diego.
Molly, Cooper and Tom
    We have no doubt that Molly and Cooper are going to have a wonderful life and will  be a wonderful part of Tom and Laura’s family.  It is also our hope that Patrick will find a sense of peace, knowing that Molly is safe, has a brother and in the best loving home we could have ever hoped for.

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