Help for people on limited incomes

Basehart_logo_final_150dpi-150x150Their Mission: Helping elders and others on limited incomes care for and keep their beloved companion animals by providing support for veterinary, behavioral and nutritional needs; while also minimizing the number of animals being turned over to shelters. Promoting dignity and respect for people and their pets in need.  And when feasible, addressing other animal-related needs in Santa Barbara.

carecredit logo-ccCareCredit is like a credit card to pay for immediate medical care for your pet. They offer two plans, a no interest 6 month plan and a 14.9% fixed rate for 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. offers low cost dental cleaning and surgery for low income people in the Sacramento area.

2 Comments on “Help for people on limited incomes

  1. Hello,
    First off, I am so glad that your Organization is available to anyone who has owned, or is interested in becoming an owner of this wonderful breed. COCKER’S ROCK😉😉.

    I just wanted to share with others about the Care Credit Card. Because I have a lower income (and my credit wasn’t the best), I had to have a co – signer to get the card — but, I can honestly say that it has been a blessing for me to have access to this line of credit; because most Animal Insurance policies don’t offer coverage for “breed specific” conditions!
    I have an Amazing 7 year old Male, American/English Cocker Spaniel that suffers with just about every ailment related to this breed (ALLERGIES : Skin, Ears and Eyes — he’s had “Cherry Eye” since he was about two years old) — so I have been very pleased with this credit card.

  2. If it had not been for care credit my humane society adopted cocker would not be getting the surgery he needs to remove his eye. When we do this surgery we will be doing pathology on it to hopefully save the other eye. I adopted him as a senior dog and he has been a joy. I am a senior and the dog has the job of activities director my house he has helped me have a reason to get up and stay busy. He and a friend who has a small dog have gotten me out walking again. I am back walking from believing I was going to be chair bound.

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