Dog Sitters and Boarding

Finding the right place for your Cocker Spaniel while you vacation can be as simple as asking for a reference for a dog sitter or a big ordeal. We are very, very selective about who takes care of our pets while we are away. There is no way we can enjoy a vacation knowing our babies are not happy, safe or stressed.  We have a couple wonderful sitters here in Santa Barbara that we will share with you.

Catherine Bodziner
Santa Barbara, CA
Services offered: Dog Walk(1 hour),  Dog Beach Walk(90 min), Dog Day Care half or full days and includes a walk,  Overnight Boarding

Brittney Harris
Santa Barbara, CA
805-617-3630 (sitting in your home)

Alicia Flores
Santa Barbara, CA

Emy Pace
Ventura, CA
(805) 279-6539
(Recommended by one of our best adopters/fosters Gil Anema)

Creature Comforts
Sacramento, CA


Carolyn does high end-low cost dog care in the Hemut area. She specializes in Cocker Spaniels and boards for many of us Cocker rescue groups If you have one of our dogs she might even give you a rescue discount….

Carolyn Graham
Hemut, CA

11 Comments on “Dog Sitters and Boarding

  1. If anyone has recommendations for dog sitters in the Sacramento area. Please let me know!

  2. hello- do any of your santa barbara sitters do just dog-walking as well? thanks! laura

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