PupDate on Roland and his Siblings

image2Remember Roland, Rosalind, and Robyn?These three pups were dumped on the streets where a kind-hearted woman took them in. She asked us for help in finding them a great forever home! And we delivered! Roland came in to our rescue with a limp. He was the happiest, sweetest, spunkiest boy ever! The limp was evaluated by a specialist and it was determined that Roland has a dislocated knee, and more than likely he was injured by being hit by a car before being rescued off the streets! Roland needs our help to have the surgery that will alleviate his pain and allow him to continueimage1 his “happy-ever-after” adventure! Any amount will help Roland! He is simply too young to consider amputation at age 3, as another vet suggested. Please join with all of us to give Roland the surgery he needs.
PUPDate: As the adopter was loading his two new pups, Roland and Roslyn, he became distracted by Robin staring at him through Debra’s iron gates. She was scheduled to go to a image1_1different foster the following day. Dan stared at Robin as she solemnly watched the commotion of four other dogs being loaded into a large SUV. Dan folded! He said he would take Robin as well! Debra brought Robin to them, and they all left for their trip back to Las Vegas. They will have a home all together, forever!

*Roland, Roslyn, and Robins new family!*

Clark Griswald, A Big Hunk of Love

image1-8URGENT! TRAIN WRECK ALERT! Mama Lynn wants to tell us about her newest foster-man! Meet Clark Griswald! He knows the doggie door already!  Sometimes when I help him into bed he lets out a little yelp when I scoop his butt. (Might have a tumor there as well)  He is FULL of lumps and bumps!!!  He is a really good boy!  He is a tad on the hefty side at 38 lbs! He is very eager to please. Not as treat motivated as affection motivated!  He doesn’t play with toys yet. He is interested in sniffing them.  He is a sweet, gentle soul.  He will get his surgery this week.  He has multiple tumors, and some are bigger than I have ever seen! Clark also IMG_2040needs a dental. Clark will be getting medical care, including surgery, this week!  After recovery, he will be ready to go to his furever home! Clark needs our help! Massive tumors needing surgery, a full dental, shots, chip, medical check up, and he will also need a foster home where he can recover with lots of hugs and kisses! Can you please help us with Clark’s medical costs? He will be so glad to have all of this behind him soon. Currently in Northern CA. Clark thank’s you all!

Gracie, Forever With Us

IMG_0005Gracie was our first foster from SCCR.

In February of 2012, Gracie was found wandering the streets of Camarillo, CA and taken to the local shelter there, where SCCR rescued her. Elizabeth told me that she had two dogs she wanted to pull from the shelter and if we took Gracie, those dogs would be saved. So we agreed to take her. Gracie was brought to our home by a volunteer that evening.

As a foster, Gracie had 2 adoption meet and greets. The first was an overnight, but she behaved terribly with Elizabeth on the way there and also with the potential adopter, so back she came. The second, was at our house. When the adoptive couple arrived, Gracie hid under a bench. It was at that point, I knew this girl wasn’t going anywhere. She was our new baby.

Gracie had a lot of nicknames, “Gracie Girl”, “Graaaaace”, “Gracie Peaches” and “Gracie img_0483.jpgPeaches Rosemary.” Every May, Gracie would impatiently wait for the peaches to drop from our tree. She was extremely skilled at eating around the peach pits, if she got to them before we could pick them up. She was also talented in the kitchen. One day, she jumped from a chair onto our kitchen counter and managed to cover herself in honey.

More than anything, Gracie loved food. When it was breakfast or dinner time, she would lift her head up to the sky and howl, to let us know that she was hungry and ready for food. She also would get on her hind legs and walk to get a treat. Gracie was 19 solid pounds of love.

Gracie loved going on walks. She took her time, wagged her beautiful (undocked) tail and smelled all the neighborhood scents. Gracie really loved going for car rides. Sometimes she stuck her head out the window but most of the time she sat up straight and looked img_0609.jpg
out the windows. Gracie’s face was always smiling and she had a pretty pink nose. Looking at photos of her over the years, she started off pretty, but as she aged, she became more and more beautiful each day.

Gracie LOVED toys: soft, plush, squeaky toys, tugging toys and tennis balls. She had a neverending, happy energy playing with them. She would often greet us when we came home with a ball or plush toy in her mouth, ready to play. We would chase her back to one of her dog beds or sofa and say “I’m gonna get you Grace” and pull it. Then we would twist the toy and say “Power Paw” and she would put one of her front paws over the toy to give herself extra leverage to hold onto it. She would growl like she was a vicious dog, but she was the sweetest dog in the world. It was all a fun show for her.

Gracie also loved chew toys like keys and plastic bones. She had one that we named “dirty bone”, which she liked to bury in the backyard and dig up when she felt like it. Oneimg_1714.jpg
time, I cleaned it off. She didn’t like that at all and took it right back into the yard, to get it appropriately dirty again.

As a SCCR foster family, we have hosted a lot of dogs over the years. Because of her loving personality, Gracie welcomed all of them into our home, but I know she was even happier when they found their forever homes.

Gracie had idiopathic seizures and was taking medication for them. We learned to be very calm when they occurred and she got through them in a few minutes and was quickly back to her happy self. Through the years, Gracie developed kidney, thyroid, intestinal and protein loss issues. Nothing was too good for her and she had the finest care and powered through everything and was doing great.

Even with her medical history, we always looked at Gracie as invincible. She was our beautiful warrior dog. Always amazing, always the winner. Until last week… Gracie developed a blood clot that damaged her intestines and caused abdominal sepsis. A portion of the clot also travelled to her brain. Over a few short hours, she battled a fight that she wasn’t able to overcome.

We are devastated without Gracie. She was the sweetest, best being and we are so blessed to have had her in our lives.

Because of Gracie, we have fostered and supported Second Chance Cocker Rescue since 2012, and having firsthand knowledge of what an amazing organization it is, I volunteer; fostering, working on SCCR social media and am a board member.

We are so grateful that we had Gracie in our lives and know that her sweet spirit will IMG_0609
always be with everyone she touched.

Gracie loved people and other dogs. We know that Gracie would want us to help save more dogs like her, so we are asking for donations in her memory. We ask that you please honor Gracie and all of the others that came before her and will continue to be saved through Second Chance Cocker Rescue. Every single donation helps. Our family will be matching the donations received for Gracie. Thank you.

Ruca’s Freedom Ride

image4Ruca (pronounced Rooka) is an almost 11 year old adorable, sweet boy who sadly found himself dumped by the his family at a central Oregon shelter on September 1st.
The shelter called and were desperate to find rescue for Ruca. He has suffered years, a lifetime possibly, of neglect which leaves him in a bad spot. As much as they would like to, the shelter could not provide necessary care and did not want to have to euthanize this sweet boy who they described as “a delight”. They reached out for help and of course, in true Second Chance Cocker Rescue fashion, we could not say no. We immediately drove 7 hours to pick him up.
Ruca is pretty much a mess. Top priority is his ears. He has the worst ears I’ve ever seen, image1they are so infected and literally swollen shut from untreated chronic ear infections. He is going to need significant, long term , expensive medical care for his ears, (the shelter vet fears he will need surgical removal of both ear canals) and has a mouth full of rotten teeth. He also has crystals in his urine that will need follow up.
Despite all his discomfort and suffering he is truly one of the friendliest dogs we have ever met. He has a cheerful, friendly personality and we hope to be able to get him the treatment he needs and deserves. Please help us help Ruca get his second chance at a pain free life. We can’t do this without your help!
Foster and Adoption application:

You Can Help Us Save More Dogs Like Marcus

Hello to all of  my wonderful Friends of SCCR! It’s me, Marcus!

unnamed (15)

I want to first thank you all for your ongoing support and generosity! Without you, the loving humans of Second Chance Cocker Rescue could not help so many of my cocker friends in need. Right now though, they need your help more than EVER!

I hope you remember my friends, Daisy, Roxy Girl, Joey, Elvis, Charles, Penny, and Juni! In the past few months, Second Chance Cocker Rescue has rescued several dogs who needed extensive surgery and medical testing to save their lives, myself included!

My friends and I are so grateful for all of the donations that we have received in this time, but it unfortunately hasn’t been enough to pay for all of our treatments and the treatments of all of my other cocker friends who have just needed routine medical care, boarding, or have other special needs that have to be paid for every month. May I be very honest with you? I have spent that last week here with my foster mom and watched her worry about being able to save more dogs when they have bills to pay for so many dogs already in their care. She says they are “maxed out” and have to find a way to get help for incoming dogs when they have no money right now and can not see their regular vets until their bills are paid in full. I overheard her say they need about $3000 to pay off the vet bills for me, Roxy Girl, Joey, Elvis, Charles, Penny, and Juni. We are such happy dogs and we love that SCCR has saved our lives! We wish we could pay them back for everything they have done for us, but we are only dogs. It is hard to find a job in the human world when you are a dog (shhh, typing is my secret skill).

Do you think that you could help us, please? With your tax-deductible contributions, we could raise the $3000 that SCCR needs to pay off all of the our medical bills, and they could save more dogs that have been abandoned and need someone to care for them. You can donate here and every dollar raised will go to the medical care, tests, surgery, and treatment costs of my friends and me! 

Want to do more to help? I have so many cocker friends who need loving foster or forever homes. Maybe you could open your home to one of them? Click these links to see all of the dogs that need homes and fill out a foster/adoption application. Hopefully you will find a new best friend to love while you help save a life.

Thank you all for hearing my plea. I love you all! Have a pawsome day!

-Love, Marcus


0-2Hi there! It’s me, Marcus! I wanted to give all of you an update on my cancer surgery! Guess what? Dr Card was able to pull another miracle out of her hat!!! Can you believe it??  I had a huge surgery to remove the ginormous tumors covering much of my body. You probably remember the “disturbing photos” from before Second Chance stepped up to save me! Well, the Dr. said I have a very good chance of living to be a very old man now! Is that amazing or what??? I still have a few surgeries I must go through before I am tip-top though! I know I have been very a hard case to handle, but my friends never, ever gave up on me! Not once! I did hear them say that I was a real nail-biter? Whatever that is! Lol! I want to thank every one of you for not giving up on me either! You saved me! All of you! I will never ever forget that! I will spend the rest of my life giving the best puppy-kisses and hugs to every person I meet. Please continue to support my journey, as I have another surgery scheduled soon. I will continue the updates! I love everybody that helped me to live and find a forever family of my own!  Love from me always! Marcus.

Donations, large and small are appreciated so we can keep doing what we do, to help Marcus and all the other Cockers out there. Thank you!


Meet Rolland, Roslyn, and Robin! This sweet Cocker family was literally dumped on the41300487_2720549194637403_2782305725886496768_n streets! A Good Samaritan took them in, and she asked Second Chance Cocker Rescue for help! All 3 dogs need to be spayed or neutered (2 girls and 1 boy). They are between 1 and 2 years young. They are scheduled for a vet check on Thursday. They are very sweet and love everyone they meet, despite how they have been treated by humans! They get along with other dogs and kids, but have not been tested with cats. They are VERY attached to each other and would prefer to be in a home together. If that is not possible, we understand. We are in desperate need of a foster or fosters for 0-1.jpeg
this sweet trio! If you can open your home and heart to these pups in need, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 687-4674 or fill out an application! We are also asking for donations to help this sweet family of 3 begin a new life! They need transportation, boarding, shots, Rabies, a Neuter, 2 spay surgeries, and 3 physicals from the vet. Please consider helping these poor sweet babies begin a happy new life and find their new forever families! We could not do it without you!

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