Remy was a huge hit at the vet! The vet tech and Remy were like magnets to each other. It was adorable. Bad news is he needs to have his funky broken leg amputated. Dr Card said it was an old injury that was never treated. It matched the pellets left in his body where someone used him for target practice. Dr Card said there was no fixing the leg and we can’t leave it as it is so we have him scheduled for a neuter and amputation in May……we will be leaving the pellets in unless some are close to the amputation site. His rear right leg is also messed up, but he gets around find so we are just leaving it alone! If you can donate towards his surgery he would be so grateful.

Remy is a odd but endearing spaniel mix and not very old. He won’t be ready for adoption until he has healed from his surgery.

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