Good news for elsie

Dr. Card called with an update on Elsie…she removed the big tumor from her wrist, 3 mammary tumors and the growth on her who-who, and spayed her.  Big day for Elsie.  Teeth are not bad, but ears are a bad.  Polyps, polyps, polyps……never going to be good.  She had ear meds, two weeks ago and so far not re-infected. We will have to keep an eye on them. They are so closed with scar tissue they can’t heal properly.   All the tumors were removed and recommended for biopsy, The wrist one was particularly concerning since it was attached to a blood vessel, but Dr Card got it off and managed to close the site. But the biopsy did come back malignant. However, we got good margin and don’t expect to impact her again at her age. Elsie is such a sweet girl. She will be ready to go home very  soon. We thank you for your generous donations towards her medial bills

Elsie Before

One Comment on “Good news for elsie

  1. You are a good person. I will pray that Elsie’s ears heal and the rest of her life is wonderful in a loving home. Happy Valentines!

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