Quirky Dogs for special people

We always have a quirky dog or two to find homes for and we always do. Our motto is, What is a misery for one family is a treasure for the right family. And we have proven that over and over again. However, we have several very quirky dogs in that need just the right home at this time. Donations for our quirky dogs medical care:

Ruffles is a gentle little soul but he has suffered from allergies his whole live. He now has dry eye requiring daily drops, chronic ears needing daily washing and special meds and his skin just needs time to heal. He will soon be a special boy perfect for the loving caretaker in you. Ruffles needs a foster or adoption home immediately. Ruffles is about 10-12 years old and currently in Romoland CA.


Winston is a sweet boy with a sensitive stomach. We got him stable with a prescription diet and daily meds. He now needs a cushy bed, lots of attention and an occasional stroll around the block to make his world complete. Winston is about 13 years old and currently in Romoland, CA,


Jamaica is a curmudgeon of a girl. She needs a home with not other dogs so she can be the Queen Bee of her house. When you are Jamaica it is all about ME, ME, ME….so she needs a home where a girl can rule the roust and be the Queen of the day every day. Jamaica is about 10-12 years old and needs work on her house training. Jamaica is currently in Romoland, CA.


Ritchie is a grumpy old man. He doesn’t like other dogs for the most part and he has some rules, like don’t touch that collar but in general he has a sweet heart under all that grumbling. And he is a very handsome boy. He will make someone who like a quirky boy a special relationship. Ritchie is about 8-10 years old and is ready to try out a foster or adoption home as soon as he can. Ritchie is currently in Palmdale, CA.

Ritchie Donations for our quirky dogs medical care:

2 Comments on “Quirky Dogs for special people

  1. Still looking for a cocker fur baby. Our Crocker’s baby both died last year age 14. So we are lonely and have lots of love for someone. If you have some one around 6or so please let me know. Thanks. Glenda white city oregon

    • Jordan is the closest we have to that age. He is a spaniel mix and will be posted in about a week. Otherwise check out our available dogs list on the website.

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