Oops, Where Did That Growl Go?

Most people’s first reaction when their dog growls is to discipline them. If you do that often and harshly enough you will succeed to train the growl right out of your dog. But that is what we want, right? Absolutely not. That growl is information, it is your dog’s warning system. It tells us that your dog is severely upset about something and they need you to make it stop before they feel forced to bite. Lose the growl and your warning system is gone but the feelings behind the growl are still there and all they have left is the bite. Then someone is going to get hurt badly.

We figured out that our sweet Blue must have had his growl punished out of him because he goes straight to a bite when he gets riled up. On top of this he has the symptoms of PTSD. We are hoping that changing his medication will allow us to train him into an adoptable boy but we sure wish he had that growl back. PUPDATE: After working with Blue on the new meds for  week we see hope. He has a clear warning system before he bites unlike most dogs with this problem. We will have to wait for the perfect home but we think he is adoptable to exactly the right home..

We are a no-kill organization that means we are committed to finding a solution for Blue that includes a quality life while keeping the public safe.  So if we need it, that is where the Sanctuary will come in. There will be an area for our un-adoptable dogs. Only the volunteers who are qualified will be interacting with them.  They will have play groups, volunteers who play with them and give them lots of love but they understand their quirks and what will set them off so no one will get hurt. Being no-kill means having a solution for every dog possible as long as you can keep the public safe.

Help us maintain our Sanctuary spots for our un-adptables, who were made un-adop;table by their families and bad trainers.

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