The SCCR Global Rescue Dogs Are Here!

They are FINALLY here!!! The 5 cockers spaniels that we helped save from overseas touched down at LAX yesterday. Check out the video of their arrival below! Waiting for them to get through customs and exit the terminal was the longest wait of my life. I was so anxious to see their little faces!!! Can you hear my excitement when their crates were wheeled out to us?!

After over 24 hours of travel, everyone got out of their crates to stretch their legs, go potty, and get some water. Then it was back on the road to their temporary home. All 5 dogs are currently getting lots of love and attention while they decompress and are awaiting a checkup with our vet on Wednesday. All 5 will get an exam and make sure they have all the vaccinations they need. The little pups, Jin and Orchid, will need to be neutered/spayed soon too.

We are learning more about them every day. Right off the plane, it was obvious that Lily is the most outgoing of the bunch. She was giving EVERYONE kisses. Jin is a velcro boy and is very sweet. Orchid is a bit nervous and still really likes having her momma with her to help her feel more secure. Momma Iris is very gentle and is great at comforting her babies. Then there is our big guy, Baloo. I think I love him most of all. He’s huge and very mellow. He loves to eat, so his new home will have to watch his diet. Baloo has the best snore! It was so comforting to hear him snoring in the car as we drove last night. I really truly love them all and so will you!!

We are taking applications and have a waitlist going for these 5 wonderful cockers! If you are interested in adopting one of them, please fill out an application. Please be aware, all of these dogs have come from a situation where they had no training, very little socializing until their rescue, and have no idea how to really be a house dog. We are looking for exceptionally patient and loving homes who aren’t afraid to get messy and put in the work to help these dogs live their best lives.

Can’t adopt? That’s ok! We are still looking for donations for our SCCR Global Rescue Fund! Please consider donating to help us reach our $2,500 goal and to help cover the costs of their vet care. Thank you for your support!!

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