We Want To Hear From You!

We all love our cocker-babies! Maddie and Daisy would like to take a survey/poll about what makes our cocker spaniel site customer/client friendly? This information will be used to improve our site, and to create opportunities for cocker spaniel lovers everywhere to give feedback about what makes you feel passionate and committed to our rescue! Below this poll is the director’s contact information for any feedback or opinions that the survey/poll does not address that you feel are important to discuss! Happy tails to you! Thank you for helping us to save more cocker spaniels in the future!

1. Do you think that our website is organized and easy to use?

2. Do you have any ideas for improving our website?

3. What is it that makes you want to donate to our rescue?

4. Are you comfortable when we add non-cocker spaniels to our site as a courtesy post?

Any additional feedback? Please contact us at Elizabeth.mazzetti@gmail.com

4 Comments on “We Want To Hear From You!

  1. I love all about this organization except I am uncomfortable with rescuing other types of dogs. I see sites for all kinds of other dogs. There are plenty of cockers that need rescuing (look at your site), so I would leave these other dogs to the other sites that are specifically for that breed. That’s where people going to rescue that type of dog are going to go.

  2. As long as the majority of the dogs are cockers, I don’t see a problem with posting a few other breeds as courtesy posts. It’s all about networking.

  3. Thank you for your input. We have decided to create a courtesy posting area called Friends Of Our Cockers for the non-cockers that have asked us for help but the main adoptable dog page will be cockers and cocker mixes.

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