Volunteer Vacations At The Sanctuary

We have some work that needs to be done on the trailer. It needs some water damage repaired and we would like to replace the carpet on the floors with tile or Pergo. We would like to encourage any of you that have the time and skill set to come up for a Volunteer Working Vacation. You can stay in the trailer or camp on the property. The trailer looks so much better on the inside than the outside. It really is mostly dirt and just needs a scrubbing.

Before Picture of the Trailer

The other big ticket item we need help with is finding someone to help drive our 27 foot RV from the Hemut area to Jamestown. It will need a pick up truck with a standard towing ball. We will pay for gas and you can stay in it for a visit when you get here. The RV is in great shape and will be ready for visitors when it gets here…..UPDATE: We got the trailer up to the Sanctuary!! Thank you Eddie!

If you can’t help with the repairs we can use help paying for the materials we need to do these repairs. Anything you can do will help….thank you!!

Contact Elizabeth at 805 687 4674 for more information or to schedule your Volunteer Vacation at the Sanctuary.

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