Madee Needs a Place to Call Her Own

61762097_3350795611612755_3706704604927361024_nMeet Madee! This little 10 year old female Cocker Spaniel needs a place to go ASAP! Her human mom died of cancer recently, and she is becoming lonely and sad. She is located near Folsom/Placerville area of California. Please consider fostering or adopting this baby girl to give her a fresh start in life where she is cherished and adored for the rest of her life! We only have until 6/11 before Madee is sent to the shelter!

If you can give Madee a home, even a temporary foster home, please fill out our foster/adoption application!

Thank you!

3 Comments on “Madee Needs a Place to Call Her Own

  1. Why dont you guys rescue her ? Please don’t send her to the poud I am donor . Will donate for her cause . . I wish i could rescue her I allready rescued three i love them as my kids . You guys are the angeles , doing a great job !!!

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