Scared Baby Girl

I first met Amber at the shelter. I received a request to save her from a local woman. IIMG_0981 had some free time so I went by just to assess the situation. It was obvious that this young Cocker baby, (approximately 5 to 8 months old) had been traumatized somehow. I couldn’t leave her, once I saw her tiny, trembling body. I arranged her release the very next day. When I picked her up she became as stiff as a board, and began panting and shaking. I put her onto the passenger seat beside me and took her to my home. Later, after I got off work for the day, I picked her up and took her to her foster home. She is terrified if anyone stands over her, especially so if it’s a man. She would sneak up after watching for awhile but she always braces herself when you touch her, as if expecting a blow. Amber is a tiny thing weighing about 12 lbs. Amber will need a calm home where her people are home most of the day. She loves other dogs and draws comfort from them. She is currently fostering with 2 chi mixes. She needs other dogs to bond with. She would do best with older kids, or no children in the home. Amber has been out of the shelter for about 4 days and she is slowly relaxing, but panics the minute you stand up. Amber will require patience and gentle handling. If you are interested in giving this sweet baby a home, please fill out an application.  We have vaccinated and spayed her. Any donations toward her rescue and care are deeply appreciated!

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