Darling Darcy is in Dire Straits

IMG_3180 3

URGENT! Meet Darcy! This little 10 year old girl came to us from a family who’s owner died, and the next of kin could no longer care for her. Darcy is in serious condition! She has double ear infections, and a very painful abdominal infection, which is impacting her liver, kidneys, and her spleen. Darcy is on heavy antibiotics, and is listless and withdrawn. She is finally beginning to seek out her foster mom for comfort many weeks in foster care. She is a gentle, sweet girl, good with dogs, cats and kids, who just IMG_3179needs loving care.

We are asking for your help! Darcy’s medical bills are beginning to really stack up. She needs more blood work to rule out other issues, including the possibility of cancer. Can you find it in your heart to support this little angel girl? Darcy would so appreciate your support!

Thank you!

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