Bed & Biscuit – One Year Strong

bed-biscuitThe Bed & Biscuit is celebrating our One Year Anniversary. We are a comfy home for 10, Second Chance Cocker Rescue senior Cockers. The B&B has a comfy sofa and lots of soft dog beds all over the floor. It’s heated in the winter and cool fans run in the summer. There is a huge run that spans the entire width of the property with trees, toys and great napping spots. We are painting the inside with murals so it looks like a living room.
Current residents are Toby, Vayle, Angel, Emily, Jimmy, Robin, Princess, George, Freckley emily-cropand Trixie.
We have had a great first year, and adopted most of our B&B residents out to forever homes. This allows us to welcome new B&B dogs, and to almost double the number of seniors we can save! If you chose to become a Bed & Biscuit Club member and donate $125 or more per month, you will be invited to our yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed & Biscuit.
Bed and Biscuit Club monthly donation membership comes with some great incentives, including invitations to a Spring Bed and Biscuit Club Afternoon Tea and a B&B Club Fall Party. For donors in the Service Dog and Guardian circles you are invited to the yearly behind-the-scenes tour of robin-and-princessthe Bed & Biscuit.  Please consider joining to help us to take the best possible care of Emily (above), Robin and Princess (left) and their friends. Other gifts will include Bed & Biscuit mugs, calenders, tickets to the annual picnics and more!

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