One of the Most Neglected We’ve Seen

image006This sweet baby, made everyone cry, when she came into the shelter.

She was living with a 72 year old woman in a trailer, without running water or electricity. The woman surrendered her to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus…Thank goodness.

At first glance, you might think that she is a Komondor, Puli or some kind of a sad/messy Old English Sheepdog. Once our vet staff got to work on this sweet girl, shaving her down, pulling out bad teeth (7 in total), cutting her nails (which were about 2-3 inches long and trapped under all those mats), there was a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. We didn’t know what was under all that mess for quite awhile, but once the real dog was excavated, this beauty was so happy to be able to see and interact with people. The woman whom she lived with, stated that she has never had her groomed. EVER… So this kind of existence, was all this girl ever knew.
image005_ContrastThe vet assessed her at around 5 years old and spayed already. She weighs about 26lbs. She currently has an ear infection that is being treated and an abcess on her left dorsal lumbar area, which was clipped, cleaned, flushed and stapled.

Bethany, at San Jacinto Valley, contacted us, in hopes that we could take her. We haven’t pulled her yet, but are hoping to do so soon. One of our volunteers, thinks “Maizy” is a good name for her. We want this sweet beauty to know only happiness and love from now on.

Can you please help make this dream come true for Maizy?

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