Caring for Carly

Carly1We love Cocker Spaniels, don’t get us wrong, but unscrupulous breeders make our blood boil! Meet Carly. The family that used her to breed, decided they had enough of her, and dumped her at the shelter. One of our volunteers found her in pretty bad shape; an irritated neck from a collar that was too small, matted fur, smelly ears (probably an ear infection), small tumors and a huge growth, low on her belly. Many times, when a female dog isn’t spay early, they develop tumors. Below is a photo of the giant growth. On top of everything else, she had one cherry eye that was never fixed.

Carly went in for surgery Monday.  Carlys mamm tumor1The huge growth turned out to be an inguinal hernia. When she was opened up, her small intestine and spleen were teetering on falling into the opening. Carly was spayed and had 4 small mammary tumors removed to be biopsied. Finally, she had the growth under her left eye removed and the cherry eye tacked down. Dr. Card did a beyond amazing job and we cannot thank her enough for her time, care, patience and love. Carly is resting comfortably and seems to be in good spirits.

Carly appears to be around 3 years old. She is a little shy with our volunteers, but no doubt she has been stuck with an unsupportive family for all that time.

We have quite a few medical needs dogs right now, but there was no way we could pass up saving this gorgeous little lady. Anything you can give to help us give Carly the best care possible is so appreciated. Soon she will be ready to be someone’s forever girl. Could it be you?

2 Comments on “Caring for Carly

  1. I am 56 seperated from husband and looking for a furry companion. I have no other animals, so she would have my undivided attention. I have a big yard and have always liked cockers. Carly needs some TLC and I am up for that.

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