We Couldn’t Give Up On Asher

12705652_1330444483647888_8467334645360151261_nThis is Asher on the way to Carolyn’s from the Long Beach shelter after being pulled last week. He couldn’t stop looking out the window at the world going by.

Asher had lived with his family his whole life. He is now old and in poor shape with abcessed teeth, dry eye, an untreated cherry eye and arthritis. He is in a lot if pain. Something happened at home and he bit his mom. Instead of taking Asher to the vet to get medical treatment she took him to the shelter and demanded they euthanize him. Fortuneately for Asher, Long Beach has a compassionate staff and they know their dogs.

We got an email from the rescue coordinator asking us to consider taking Asher. We sent down our expierenced transporters and we are not sure what happened but Asher ended up on the end of a catch poll and showed them his terrifed side. It must have been pretty impressive because these ladies know what they are doing and are not intimidated easily. They had to leave without him.

We could not stop thinking about Asher. Cockers are so sensitive they can show terribly at shelters. We had to give Asher one more chance so Elizabeth drove down from Santa Barbara to evaluate him and see if she could get him in her car. It was his lucky day! He was a gentleman the whole time and was so relieved to be in the car and out of the shelter he stared out the window and watched the world he never thought he would see again go by for the entire hour and a half ride. He greeted Carolyn and her staff politely with lots of tail wagging.

He will go to the vet on Monday and we will make sure he is out of pain for the rest of his life. The Bed and Biscuit kids will welcome him with open arms. He will need a dental and surgery on that eye. Can you help us with the medical bills?

Donations for Asher

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