The Old Folks….


Buddy, Jezebel,, Shadow and seven other new oldsters were welcomed into our Sanctuary program this year. This program is near and dear to our hearts as these oldsters are so in need, so loving and so deserving of the life we can offer them.  Some of them come from owners who have passed away, some were left at the shelter by their families who didn’t want them anymore.  All of them are confused, sad and hurting when they come to us.  We place them into permanent foster homes where they are treated as treasured members of the family. They are pampered and get the best medical care we can find.


We treasure our foster families as much as we do our seniors. They are very special people. They welcome into their homes and hearts senior dogs they they know they will only have for a few short months or years. Not everyone can do this but these special people know what a tremendous gift this is to these dogs. For some it is the only time in the dog’s life they have been loved and cared for.

We have approximately 30-35 senior dogs in our Sanctuary program at any one time. We provide for all of their medical care like Chloe who had a tumor removed from her ear earlier this year and Henri who is having reoccurring eye issues.

Donations towards our senior dogs

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