Sarah Jane Needs A New Leg

photoSarah Jane is young, sweet and a beautiful girl. Why is it taking so long to find her the right home? She was born with half of her front left leg missing.  She and her sister came into the shelter at the same time as strays. Their family never came to find them. Her sister was adopted out the first day but not Sarah Jane.  She sat in the kennel all alone until they called us to rescue her.

Sarah Jane was born with this defect and she doesn’t know any different. She thinks she is just the same as everyone else. She runs like a minx and plays like a tomboy. She loves life and knows how to live it.

However, we are starting to see some problems with her good leg. It is having to take far more pressure than it should and we are concerned Sarah Jane will have some long term problems with it. Since it is all she has up there we needed to make sure stays as strong as possible.

We talked to our vets and did some research on prosthetic legs. We can have one custom made for her to wear when she is out playing. That way she can still join in all the fun but keep her legs strong and  healthy. We don’t want Sarah Jane to have to spend the rest of her life on the sideines watching all the other dogs play. We want her to have the same life full of fun as all the four legged kids in her neighborhood. She deserves it!

Donations towards Sarah Jane’s new leg

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