Introducing Our HALO Cocker Registry Program

We all think about what will happen to our cockers when we pass away but only a few of us actually set up anything to make sure they are taken care of when we are gone. Why? We think it is because our options are so limited. You can find a friend or family member to take them or you can find a sanctuary some where who will take them.  Sanctuaries are very few in numbers and very limited in space. Friends and family don’t always have the same love for your dogs that you do and don’t always have the means to care for them.

We would like to introduce a third option. the HALO Cocker Registration. HALO is a service that Second Chance Cocker Rescue will offer to all Cocker Spaniel owners all over the US. For a set registration fee we will offer to take in your Cocker Spaniel when you die if no family members can take the dog. There will be a fee to register and an additional amount that will be paid if the Cocker Spaniel comes to Second Chance. These dogs will be treated as rescue dogs and either be adopted into new families or placed in our Sanctuary program if they qualify. The service will include transporting the dogs to SCCR and any medical care needed.

Each owner will receive a registry package containing:

  • directions
  • a check list of what needs to be done
  • a contract with SCCR
  • a refrigerator magnet with SCCR contact info
  • a dog tag
  • letters to be copied and given to family members, vet, caregivers, etc.

We will be rolling out this program just before Christmas and SCCR Alumni will get a courtesy discount. Your dogs deserve the best help us make sure they get it.

One Comment on “Introducing Our HALO Cocker Registry Program

  1. What a wonderful idea!! This will bring such peace of mind to some caring parents.

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