Lynn’s Greatest Joy


We received this letter from one of our adopters who had adopted Jesabel several years back for her sister who was ill and needed some love in her life. We just knew Jezzie was the right dog for her and we were touched to hear how much Jezzie meant to Lynn.

I just wanted to let you know that my sister Lynn, who I adopted Jezzie for, died on Saturday.  After very little thought, I have decided to re-adopt Jezzie into my pack…One of Lynn’s greatest joys was this little Cocker…and as she lay in hospice care she laid with Jezzie at her side. Having Jezzie gave so much more meaning to her life as she became wheel chair bound, lost speech, and developed dementia…because Jezzie simply loved Lynn…100% unconditionally. I just wanted to share with you what has happened and what will be happening. I don’t think you really knew what a crucial part of Lynn’s life Jezzie would become when you told me that she was “the perfect dog for your sister.”


Donations in Honor of Jezzie

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