Two Winners Ready To Go Home With You

We will be attending two adoption events this weekend. On Saturday we will be at the “Puttin’ on the Dog” Event at the Elm Street Park in Arroyo Grande and on Sunday we will be at the Dog Adoption Fair at the Antique Center Mall in Goleta. We hope to see you all there!

We will be bringing Gigi, our super  love muffin girl. She snuggles and cuddles with the best of them. 7 years old she is a high engergy girl.

Also Henry, our silly, wacky cocker mix boy. Only 4 years old he is a super dog.

3 Comments on “Two Winners Ready To Go Home With You

  1. Gigi is healing from her surgery and is doing well about ready for adoption. She is a doll, very well mannered and lovable. She is gonna make someone a great companion. I will miss her!

    • I adopted Gigi on the 17th October and am so glad I did. She is fitting in very well with our 3 yr old puggle, Bella, (also a rescue) and now that she has had all her stitches out can visit the local doggie park and has been to the local offleash doggie beach next to Avila. She loves the water and the 2 dogs have great romps in both places. Both dogs snuggle each other and me when we go to bed. She is a great companion like Debi said and Debi can see her whenever she gets the chance as we live pretty close to each other.

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