Cockers, Like all Dogs, Get Better with Age

When my family decided that we wanted to foster a dog we immediately chose a cocker spaniel because the breed has given us a combined 30 years of happiness. We also initially wanted a younger dog placed with us so that we could have a play companion for our 6 month old cocker as well as a running partner. That was all before we met Charles, a 10 year old cocker. Charles is very content to sit back and let the younger dogs wiggle about and introduce themselves to potential adopters. Once the younger dogs lose interest Charles steps in. We were immediately drawn to his calm demeanor and his willingness to stay close for that pat or scratch,ensuring he’s not overlooked because he’s considered “too old” to be fostered or adopted. We have discovered that an older dog, most of the time, knows basic commands, is house trained, and in the case of a cocker, is used to grooming. They tend to adjust quicker but remain cautious, so eager to please. As any dog enters their senior years it’s imperative that they have a stress free life, instead of worrying where they will end up next and perhaps never having someone know what their real name is. They have already given us so much; fostering a senior is an opportunity for us to give back to them. In the few weeks we have had Charles we have watched him change from a slow, depressed cocker to a goofy character who now has a spring in his step when he walks. Due to Charles’ age and calm demeanor he was easily accepted by our two older cats, as well as a puppy. We highly encourage everyone to consider fostering a senior dog. It’s an opportunity for these dogs to spend their senior years in a loving, warm, caring environment and a way for us to give back to such a loyal, affectionate breed.

The Mangiapane’s

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