Visiting Royalty, Escaped Dogs and a Good Time by All

This years Santa Barbara Cocker Reunion Picnic was a resounding success! We had a blast. The food was amazing, the auction and sale items a big hit and it was so wonderful to see so many of our Cocker ‘kids’ in one place. Diana Maenhout and Kate Silsbury won first and second prize on the raffle and both donated the whole $750 right back to SCCR.  You ladies ROCK!

Dana, Samson, Elizabeth

We had two exciting dramas unfold that day. Prince William and Duchess Catherine decided to play polo at the Polo fields 1/2 mile from our freeway exit on Saturday but the anticipated traffic was thankfully not an issue. Then our little Dani, a 1 year old sweet Cocker girl who is up for adoption decided that she would slip her collar and take off in to the Carpinteria hills right at the start of the picnic. She gave us all a heart attack until we realized that she may not be willing to be caught but she was not going to go too far. So she spent the whole picnic, wading in the stream, running through the underbrush and checking out all the picnickers in the whole park. After everyone went home, Shannon and Elizabeth lured her in with chunks of our BBQ chicken. She thought it was as delicious as we did and munched her way right into an x-pen. She was filthy, covered in poison oak and exhausted, but I think she had a great time. Brat!


We even finalized three adoptions on Saturday, Reese, Sauve and Magnus all went to their new homes.

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