Two Old Gals Just Loving Each Other

Bella’s Story, by Anne


Last year (2010), I lost my 15-year-old Cocker Megan. I felt my life no longer had purpose, my son grown and living out of state.

In December, I found Bella! Bella is a special girl coming from a local Cocker Spaniel rescue. Bella is 12 years old and fills my days with smiles and joy. We live in a senior apartment complex where my neighbors all know her and always are met with a wiggle. Bella is totally deaf, but she knows my every move. When I go to take a nap or to bed at night, within a few minutes she moves to my bedside. She’s close to me all the time, she is with me at all time.

PURPOSE– is what she gives me, to take care of a senior dog. Not knowing what her life was like or why she was given up, make her that much more deserving of a permanent home with ME.

Two old gals just loving each other, me and my Bella.

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