Charlotte is Barking, Thank You

We received an urgent plea for this temporarily sad, but sweet female, black and white Cocker at the charlotte-before2high kill SEAACA shelter in Downey, CA.

She was dumped there, by her owners at age 12, because they said she is “going blind.” She was a nasty mess, with a coat drier than straw and skin underneath, that felt like sandpaper.  They must have been feeding her a very low grade food and then thrown the bag outside, for her to eat.  She is overweight from the bad food.  She was likely used as a breeder dog, her entire life.  Her nipples are huge and mal-formed. This sweet baby has been neglected for a long, long time.

Given her appearance, she was being passed on by potential adopters, and most likely soon to be euthanized.

Second Chance Cocker Rescue jumped in, and she took her “freedom ride” a few days ago!

Look at this lovely girl now! We’ve named her Charlotte. After a little cleanup, she has nothing but smiles now.

She is very sweet, quiet, mellow and barely moves around. She is a large girl, and needless to say, she is now on a diet!  She has a little snotty nose right now, so her spaying is still a couple of weeks off.  She has stinky breath and will desperately need dental work after she is spayed.

charlotte-after1We shaved her down and as you can see, she looks gorgeous! Sometimes, it doesn’t take much, to bring a beauty from rags to riches. Her bottom eyelids just droop a bit, so she has a little bit of the Elvis hound dog look to her, but she does not have cherry eyes.

Charlotte, and all of our fur babies are so grateful for a second chance. Please help us to keep rescuing, rehoming and rehabilitating.


2 Comments on “Charlotte is Barking, Thank You

  1. Elizabeth. Charlotte landed in my home just before Christmas 2016 right after Second Chance Cocker rescue her. Her skin was like leather. Her mammary glands were in gorged and deformed from over breeding. Her hair was courses as sandpaper. She was afraid of her own shadow. She must’ve lived outside because she was not house trained. She was most likely never allowed on furniture because she didn’t know how to get up on a couch. She was neglected for sure. Your rescue was a godsend for her. Charlotte is a joy to us. Today she has very soft hair. Her memory glands are much more normal although they are still somewhat deformed from abuse. She is a crack up… Because when she’s happy she dances. Thank you for letting me be her long-term foster. At 12 years old she found her forever home and is still going strong and she knows how to get on our couch and cuddle.
    Sandra Millard

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