The “Devore Seven”

Devore puppy mill dogs 5A puppy mill was raided and Devore shelter took in 190 dogs yesterday.. There are 7 cockers! There are three sweet senior girls who have been breed to death and four adorable 8-12 month old babies. We are going to go in and pull all 7 cockers the day they become available. We will need $200 per dog for boarding until we can get them into foster and the three senior girls are going to need some work.  Their availablity date is currently 2/16 but is dependent on their court case with the breeder they were confiscated from. We hope it does not push out too much. These kids need to get into foster homes asap! Please help us make sure none get left behind.

6 Comments on “The “Devore Seven”

  1. It would be an act of kindness to allow people to adopt these dogs for the 25.00 fee the shelter charges. Then the unadoptable dog can be rescued. They are the pets that really need to be saved. The ones that sit and wait. A true rescue is taking the leftovers, not the cream of the crop. And a lot of people want these dogs. Give them a chance.

    • Anna,

      I don’t think you understand how the Devore shelter works. All dogs are available to the public before they are available to rescue. If these dogs are not adopted out by the end of day they will be killed for space.

  2. I would love to adopt one of your spaniels please contact me 360-907-3647

    • We are not taking applications on these dogs until we have them in hand. They are still at the shelter waiting for the court to release them. Keep an eye on our facebook page and when you see them come in, you can fill out an application on our website.

  3. Is there an update with the court case? I am interested in adopting if possible. Laura

    • The cockers were all moved to the Upland shelter. The court released them to the county and the shelter set a date they would be availalbe. They then allowed the public to adopt them the day before they were supposed to be available in violation of their own policies. All the young cockers were adopted bout but the senior girls were left. We, of course took them. Chrissy is posted on our website and Kendall will be as soon as we confirm her age on Monday. They are beautiful girls.

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