Charlie is the dearest, sweetest boy

Charlie's faceBingo was a sweet 2 yr old boy who looked perfectly healthy when we pulled him from the shelter. He had a bit of a limp but we were not too worried. We found a great home for him and whisked him off for his pre-adoption vet check not expecting any surprises.  Dr Fisher suggested an x-ray on that back leg and we were horrified to find out that when he was a baby he had been hit by a car or had some other very traumatic injury breaking his pelvis and dislocating the hip joint. It was left untreated and the hip healed out of the socket. There was a lot of scar tissue and damage to the joint as well as pulling the knee out of alignment. This poor boy was a mess but he acted like it was nothing.

We immediately scheduled surgery to fix both the hip and the knee so he will be pain free for the first time in a very long time. The estimate is $3,000 and a 12 week recovery. His new mom and dad are going to take good care of him during his recovery so he will be good as new in three months. They have named him Charlie and we know Charlie’s new life with his new family is going to be so much better than it has ever been thanks to your and your support.

Donations toward’s Charlie’s surgery

Here is an update from Charlie’s new mom and dad:

“… we would like to tell you that Charlie is the dearest, sweetest boy.  He is playful and a total love-bug. He is so easy to train, has the best personality and is all we could have hoped for.  He loves to play rough and tumble games with Dad and when he isnt doing that he is melting on Moms lap! We fell honored to be a part of his life. Regards Sara and Tedd”

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