Help Us End The Dog Meat Trade

Jin got his second chance!

In the world of dog rescue, especially global rescue, this week is one of the most heartbreaking and difficult weeks of the year. This is the week of the Yulin dog meat festival in China.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of dogs are stolen, sold, beaten, starved, and ultimately slaughtered to be sold as meat. Many of these dogs once were companion dogs that were stolen from their owners or were found on the street. They are kept in horrible conditions and murdered in unimaginable ways. There has been a recent call for dogs to be reclassified as companions in China, yet the Yulin festival kicked off at the beginning of this week as usual, despite the COVID pandemic and the move to no longer classify dogs as livestock.

While we at SCCR are here in the US trying to help as many cockers as we can, our hearts are heavy knowing that we have a group of cockers stuck in China waiting to come to us. Thankfully they are safe with our rescue partners who are doing everything they can to save even more dogs from the dog meat trade. We have offered to take every single cocker or cocker mix dog they have as soon as the COVID travel restrictions are lifted. Right now we are committed to 5 dogs for sure, including a handsome boy named Prince who is the father of Jin. Jin came to us in October, 2019 with his mom Iris, sister Orchid, and friends Baloo and Lily. They were all saved from the dog meat trade in China when Jin and Orchid just a newborn puppies. It is horrifying and heart wrenching to look at these beautiful dogs, especially adorable Jin, and know that they were going to be eaten. Jin in now a first class flying world traveler who gets to stay at fancy hotels and live like a super star! These “throw away” dogs have so much potential and we are honored to have been able to offer them the chance at the very best life possible. We can’t wait to do the same for many more dogs from the same atrocious situation!

If you’re like us, and you want to help, get active and help us end the dog meat trade! Sign petitions to call for a change in how dogs are treated in China and other countries where dog meat is still consumed. Reach out to rescues in Asia like Second Chances Dogs and Cats China, and donate. These rescues often need flight volunteers so if you have a passport and like to travel give them a call! You can also donate to our SCCR Global Rescue Fund if you’d like to help cover the travel and medical costs for our dogs when they arrive from China. Or you can simply share posts like this to raise awareness and hopefully inspire global change. If we work together we can bring the suffering of these dogs to an end!

Ways to donate to the SCCR Global Rescue Fund:

How to support our rescue partners:

Sign a petition like the one from The Human Society to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival:

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