After her 3rd surgery to remove over 100 MORE foxtails from her little body yesterday, Winnie is happy to be back home with her foster mom. Winnie couldn’t stop her but from wiggling with excitement the moment she saw her. Winnie is also enjoying the cone-free life now! Her eye removal surgery was a huge success and she is no longer in pain from her infected, foxtail-pierced eyeball.
Winnie still has a long road to go though as her abscesses are still oozing and her body is still fighting infections caused by the countless foxtail tracks and bite wounds she was found with. We have pulled well over 500 foxtails from her in total, including several from her inside throat yesterday. Every day, she gets a little better though and her personality comes through more and more.
If you can find it in your heart to donate to Winnie’s vet bills, here’s how you can help:
PayPal us
Send a check to:
SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383
We also take Venmo:

4 Comments on “WINNIE PUPDATE

  1. I love with her spirit. So.happy she is having less and less pain each day

  2. Glad to see my small monthly donation is helping. Nice to keep reading about this success story. Diane

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  3. My heart goes to her , Yes I donated . Everyone help this little wiggle Butts Angle , she is a fighter

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