Belinda’s New Adventure

Our sweet Belinda (aka Cookie and now Harley) went to her furever family today! We are so happy for her and couldn’t have asked for a better story to start her new life with.

The day we pulled Belinda from the shelter, we got a call from the incredible @larissawohl asking us if she could foster Belinda for us. Belinda reminded her of her black Cocker, Cookie. Belinda quickly became Cookie 2 and began to blossom and show everyone what a wonderful dog she is. Larissa worked so hard on Belinda’s training, socializing, and anxiety issues. Belinda even got to have a mini vacation with another awesome foster family after her spay which wouldn’t have been possible if she had been as anxious as she had been when she first came to us. We are so grateful to Larissa for helping Belinda become so much more confident and happy.

While Larissa was falling in love with Belinda so was the fantastic family that adopted Floyd from us back in February, 2019. They had recently lost their beloved Biscuit and Floyd was missing his friend. We all knew Belinda was the dog for them. To top everything off, Floyd was the first dog we were lucky enough to showcase on @homeandfamilytv and now Larissa was fostering his new sister. The stars couldn’t have aligned more perfectly. Floyd and Belinda are meant to be together.

We are so excited to see what’s in store for Belinda and Floyd next! Here’s to a happy life full of adventure and a wonderful adoption ever after!

Thank you for your support that makes happy endings like this possible.

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