Holly’s Christmas Miracle

UPDATE: Holly is recovering from surgery and is doing fantastic. She is eating well, and is image1-4recovering quickly. Holly came to us through our Bakersfield city shelter, and we love them there!!! We picked her up the day before Christmas Eve. They always do everything possible for the Cockers they transfer to SCCR. Holly came to us with a ruptured mammary tumor, and she needed immediate surgery. I fostered her over the weekend, and I slept with her propped up so she was comfortable. Holly went in for surgery to remove her tumors one week ago today. Holly wound up having a massive tumor in her abdomen, which was affecting her breathing and her inability to get comfortable. Dr. was able to remove the primary tumor completely, and several smaller ones during the surgery. Holly will need to have another surgery later next month after she recovers a bit, in order to have her spayed, and a small hernia repair done. Dr was not able to complete everything due to the size of her primary tumor. The results of her biopsy were very promising. All of the margins around the tumor were clear, and her lymph nodes were clear as well. Her X-rays were also clear. It was a low grade tumor and her prognosis is good. We are celebrating this miracle! Holly is an amazing girl. She is about 20 lbs and is fully house-trained. She gets along with other dogs and loves everyone she meets. She has impeccable manners. I wish I could keep her, because she is definitely a keeper! She would make an amazing therapy dog! Holly will be ready for adoption in about a month, after her final surgery, to repair her hernia and do her spay procedure. We are asking for donations to cover Holly’s surgeries. I am so glad we answered the call to save Holly’s life. We could not do this without the continued support of all of you! Holly said thank you for helping her life❤❤❤!


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  1. How is Holly progressing. I was wondering how her surgery went

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