Ballerina Nina Hoping to Dance into Your Hearts

11217937_1211406228885048_6756861371841081169_oDainty Nina was a dancing and prancing 7 year old beauty. She must have spun a little too fast last week, when she ended up experiencing a seizure and losing her ability to use her back legs. Now, that isn’t good for a graceful little dancer.

All of her blood work came back perfect, but she still couldn’t move her back legs. We took her to Dr. Tai, a neurologist at West LA VCA . After an MRI, we found out that Nina had suffered a herniated disk. We had three minutes to make a huge decision, go through with a very expensive surgery or have this little angel euthanized. We decided we couldn’t let this precious girl down. Her surgery was successful, and she is now starting to be able to hold her own weight on her back legs. She has been released from the hospital and is back with her foster family who is monitoring her carefully. She is not happy about the restriction of being in a crate but she is not in pain.

Nina is still having trouble controlling her bladder and bowels and has a long road of recovery ahead. She is on anti- seizure medication and needs to be monitored for this. We are doing all that we can on Nina’s behalf.

Nina will be starting acupuncture this week and physical therapy in two weeks. There is no definite answer that Nina will walk again, but we will do everything in our power to make that happen.

We want to thank West Los Angeles VCA and Dr. Tai for providing us a discount and amazing care. Even with the generous discounts, Nina’s bills were over $6,000. Nina has a long way to go. To continue doing the work we do, we deeply appreciate help from all of our generous donors.20150816_150531

Anything that you can give to help is very appreciated. Let’s give Nina the chance that she deserves. And if you would like to fill out paperwork to adopt this sweet girl, she will be dancing into your arms, hearts and home.

Here is the link for donations:


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