A Prince Looking for a New Kingdom


Once upon a time:
In a land not so far away,
a handsome prince named Prince, found himself without a home. This regal senior wished upon the stars above and along came Second Chance Cocker (to the) Rescue.

After a visit to the vet, we found that Prince’s royal eyes, ears and skin need some TLC. He also has Cushing’s Disease. Although this is a manageable condition, there are expenses involved in making sure he stays stable and healthy. This includes medication and possible surgery. These expenses could go up to $1,000 or more. After seeing the light emanating from this noble prince’s eyes, we just couldn’t say no. We also found that his majesty has a very sunny disposition. He loves everyone who approaches him.

Because Prince is a senior, he is blessed even more, because he qualifies for the Sanctuary program. This will allow whomever adopts him him into their home to love him worry-free of any future medical expenses.

Here is the link to help sweet Prince live happily every after:


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