A Letter From Gus

Dear Second Chance Cocker Rescue:

I was lying in bed last night, snuggled between my parents and thinking how much SCCR changed my life. A year-and-a-half ago, I was lying abandoned in a backyard, starving, wet from the rain, matted and cold, next to the dead body of my brother. My ears hurt. My eyes hurt. I simply did not know what to do. Then, through a series of miracles, my life turned around.  Things are so much different now! Now I live indoors and I get to sleep wherever I feel most comfortable. I get three home-cooked meals a day, grooming and veterinary care. I get love and affection. I get to go for walks. I get to go places!

If it wasn’t for you and your community of supporters, I know that I would have been just another faceless put-to-sleep statistic in a shelter. But it is the SCCR community, from the volunteers, to the foster/sanctuary/adopter homes, to those that donate and those that “comment” or hit the “share” button on Facebook, that turn lives like mine from despair to comfort. I want to thank the SCCR community from the bottom of my heart for giving me a name, a face and a second chance.

Very sincerely,
Gus (formerly Mr. Marvin)

One Comment on “A Letter From Gus

  1. What a sweet story with a very happy ending. Love the name Gus, it just fits you!

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