Having A Little Faith

Amy called on a Saturday.  There was a senior girl at the Fresno shelter who was scheduled to be euthanized the same day she was available for adoption. She was old, blind and deaf and considered not adoptable. Amy pleaded with us to allow her to pull her on Monday.  She was so cute and sweet just lying there amongst all the chaos and feces. We took one look at the picture Amy snuck through the wire fence and were sunk.

Since our bank account was empty, we decided to name this little girl “Faith” after the faith we have in all of you to be there when these dogs need you. Our super rescuer Amy was waiting at the front door when the shelter opened in the morning to be first in line.  She got Faith out of there, cleaned up and off to the vet as quickly as possible where she got a big surprise, Faith was a he not a she! So Faith became Caleb (which means Faith in Hebrew).

Little Caleb got his vet check and except for a mouth full of rotten teeth, eye, ear and skin infections, being blind and deaf he is in pretty good shape. Surprisingly he is only 10 years old. As this sweet little man cuddles curled in our lap our hearts just hurt to consider how he endured those days in the shelter.  We know absolutely that without you he would have died that Monday morning with no one to morn him. There are not words to tell you how grateful we are. You are always there just when we need you.


With faith miracles really do happen. We were contacted by some wonderful people in Sonoma County.  They have four rescue dogs, including some who are blind and deaf, and had seen Caleb’s story on Facebook.  They wanted to give him a forever home.  We confirmed that they would be perfect parents and plans were made for transport.  A private plane arrived at the Fresno airport where Caleb met his new mom, Sherill.  With a good friend piloting the plane Caleb went home to meet his new dad, Chris, and begin a wonderful life.  Endings just don’t get any happier than this.  And, please know, you made it happen.

One Comment on “Having A Little Faith

  1. EXCELLENT JOB Amy, Elizabeth and all who helped get Caleb to his new home. The work you do is so important. Thank you for keeping it up when even when you aren’t sure where the resources will come from.

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