One Man’s Treasure

Sami & Beau

You know the saying, one man’s trash is another mans treasure? We it sure can apply to dogs too.  Beau and his sister Sami had lived as outdoor dogs all their lives.  Now that they were old and worn out they were brought to their local shelter and thrown away. The shelter was ready to euthanize them because they thought they were unadoptable but we disagreed and so did Beau’s new mom.

You may remember another sanctuary cocker, Charles, who, despite a fierce battle lost his life following surgery several months ago.  His passing broke the hearts of all who knew him especially those of his foster family. While they have been thinking of getting another dog they just could not bring themselves to do it… until they met Beau.  Like Charles, Beau is another sweet black senior with a graying muzzle and they couldn’t pass him up. When they first met, Beau climbed in his new Dad’s lap and gave him a big fat kiss.  That sealed the deal.

On our follow up here is what his new mom, Carrie, says about Beau:

Carrie, Beau and Andrew

“Oh, we sure are enjoying Beau.  He's such a good boy and a very quick learner... I took him to Andrew's soccer practice on Monday and held my breath as he was attacked by kids of all sizes.  He never shied away, growled, or showed any signs of irritation; the kids were in his face, hugging him, sitting near him, etc.  His tail never stopped wagging!  He rides in the car right next to Drew and just enjoys the ride.  Beau has let Rudy know who's boss which is a relief because the puppy can be overwhelming.  I can't believe, for his age, how much energy he has.  We all walk each night; he walks fast but isn't a big puller, get back and play ball, and then he settles down for the evening in his bed.  His cookie trick is precious.  I give him and Rudy the cookie treats Joanne sent home and he takes it, throws it in the air, dives on it, and then eventually eats it.  I constantly find him in the stance puppies use to play.  His coat is coming in beautifully and is soft and shiny...What I really like about Beau is that he also enjoys his independence; so I can leave the room and he doesn't feel the need to follow me everywhere; especially when I go upstairs.  He can relax and rest when he needs to, perhaps this is because he's older and confident.  He's a very accomplished snuggler too!  Can you tell how well he fits

…I often find myself thinking of Charles when Beau walks by.  That shiny black coat out of the corner of your eye brings me some peace.”


Beau is a lucky guy to have found this family and SCCR is lucky to have such wonderful people willing to open their hearts and homes to our sweet sanctuary dogs. Sami is still waiting. We told her it just takes time to find special families but they are worth the wait.

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