No Tears Should Be Shed

This email was from our friend, supporter and fellow cocker rescuer Celia in regards to Hazel, a cocker we helped her rescue.
“Dear All,
    It is with great gratitude and sincere appreciation that I thank you for helping me help Hazel.  She arrived at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter is such terrible condition, it was difficult not to cry at first glance.  She smelled from urine something awful, was matted beyond recognition–so much so that the staff couldn’t determine if she was male or female, and had yellow mucous covering both eyes.  . . . Yet, when I opened the kennel door to say “hello” she slowly stood up and gave a very slight wiggle of the tushie.  It was at that very moment I knew she was asking for my help.  And so, my friend Renee and I put our heads together and came up with a plan which included asking you all for help.
     Though everyone’s contributions are greatly appreciated, I am equally grateful to Second Chance Cocker Rescue (Ms. Joann Reagan) and Dr.’s Mike O’Brien and Jenny Chatfield of Maze Animal Hospital.  They graciously offered their services at a drastically reduced rate in order to save this little “girl’s” life.  Without the three of them, Hazel was only two days away from being euthanized at our shelter.  After all, who would want a dog in this condition.  Once again, I have had the enormous pleasure of proving our shelter wrong!
     Today, Hazel has found her “Fairy Dog Mother” (that’s her in the yellow shirt), and is receiving much love, attention, care and kindness in her Foster home.  Mama Kathleen, as I like to call her, dotes on Hazel and makes sure she takes all her meds.–along with numerous dog treats throughout the day–and insures she lives life to the fullest on a daily basis!  Heck, Hazel even made an appearance at a Humane Society fundraiser held at Chili’s restaurant Tuesday night in Modesto.  And though it has been determined that, indeed, Hazel has a cancerous tumor on her neck area, she is finally truly living.  Let’s face it, through our collective efforts Hazel has found heaven on earth.  Who could ask for more?
     For now, no tears should be shed.  Ms. Hazel is feisty, happy and leaving her mark on the world and will continue to do so as long as we are certain she is living pain free.
Thank you all for your care and concern.
Celia Angel”

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