Conehead Baby, Denziel

Denziel is only 12 weeks old and could not be a more handsome baby. He is so sweet and this poor baby was in the wrong place in wrong time and lost an eye last week. We will find him a good home where he will be safe and loved.  In the mean time we need a foster for this while he recovers from his surgery and is a conehead for a couple of weeks.

Donations for Denziel

5 Comments on “Conehead Baby, Denziel

  1. I am truly touched by little Denziel’s story and am not only interested in fostering but adopting him. My husband is a huge cocker spaniel lover and was especially touched by his story because my husband is legally blind. Please let us know what we can do and where you are located.

    Thank you

  2. What happened to Denziel and where is he located? What a sweet,sweet looking baby.

    Andrea Jacobs

    • Still looking for a home for this baby. He is in foster in Santa Barbara right now. We are also have our name on another 4 month old buff and white cocker girl from Lancaster. Anyone able to foster?

  3. awww i love him already!!! =]=]=] cant wait to meet him! about the babygirl in lancaster, im up for fostering but i am in santa maria =[

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