Sweet, Sad Good-byes


June was a hard month for us here at SCCR. We had to say goodbye to not one but four of our sweet old boys and one not so old. Three of our Sanctuary kids, Paulie, Cookie and Clifford passed away. They came to us old and grey but full of love and life. Their foster families loved them like their own and gave them perhaps the best last years of their lives. They had snuggles, cuddles, treats and long walks. We also feel so lucky that we had the opportunity to get to know these special dogs and offer them the best quality of life we could for as long as we could. We would not have missed it for anything. If you would like to be a part of our Sanctuary program we are always looking for new Sanctuary foster homes. Your donations make this program possible, without you each one of these dogs would have never made it out of the shelters.


We also had to say good-bye to two of our adopted dogs last month, Sonny and Bo. Sonny and Bo were adopted from SCCR 5-6 years ago as happy, healthy boys. We remember them in their prime, sweet and loving boys. Sonny just passed away of old age. It was quite a surprise to us because we just remember that handsome young man who got old and grey on us while we were not looking as the years slipped by. Bo surprised all of us when he was diagnosed with cancer. He was too young, too sweet and too much in love with his mom to go, but go he did. We are so thankful that Sonny and Bo had such wonderful parents. Gil give Sonny a life any dog would envy and is thinking about adopting two more SCCR dogs in Sonny’s honor. Bo and Debbie were a love match. They were inseparable.  Bo’s life was too short, but that boy was Loved.

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