Happy Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for this year!!

We have been blessed with so much generosity and support from all of our wonderful Friends of SCCR! We purchased land and began construction on our Sanctuary, launched our global rescue efforts and brought over our first group of dogs from China, and continued to save cocker spaniels all over California!! Thank you for helping us accomplish so much!! We are so grateful for all of our donors that enable us to continue our mission of saving lives one dog at a time!!!

We are especially thankful for all of our amazing foster, sanctuary, and hospice families!! You are what we need the most!! By opening your homes and hearts to these sweet dogs, you give them more than just a second chance, you give them the unconditional love they need to blossom and live their best lives. Thank you for all you do every day for our dogs!!!

And thank you to our volunteers who give countless hours to SCCR! You do so much to rescue, advocate for, and help our dogs find loving forever homes! All of your hard work does not go unnoticed! We would not be where we are without you!!!

So from all of our families here at Second Chance Cocker Rescue, to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!!! We are thankful for YOU this year!!!

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