All Bark No Bite…Just a scared little girl

, was pulled from one of the Riverside, CA shelters yesterday. She was deemed super aggressive and was awe inspiring when she came into the yard in a crate acting like the wrath of god was going to come bursting out. She rushed out, stopped then checked out every inch of the yard. Carolyn and her helper Krystin stood by and just watched. Pretty soon Darla came over and gave them a once over sniff. She was in Carolyn’s lap a few minutes later, emotionally and physically exhausted. On her trip to the vet for her rabies vaccine, Carolyn went out to get her to load her up in the van, she sat down on her bed and immediately crawled into her lap for snuggles.  In the car all she wanted to be was be next to Krystin and Carolyn for lap time.
She will need some training. From her extreme reaction to crates, she has been abused. She just has to see one to start growling. We promised her she will never have to get in a crate again. We promised her she will get the img_2563.jpgtraining she needs while we are treating her for PTSD. We know with time she will be a great dog for someone.  It looks like her issues are from a serious lack of socialization and abuse.  It looks like she was hit on the butt and probably ‘grabbed’ under her chin.  She is very, very reactive in those areas. Time, training and TLC will heal her and she will be one special girl for someone.
She will need training and trainers cost money. We appreciate our village’s support so we can help this girl!


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